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Experience in a Book:

Help for the Jaguar XJ-S Owner


This file documents changes made to the book beginning in February 2009.  For info on revisions made between January 1, 2000 and May 19, 2006, see REVISION2006.HTML. For info on revisions made prior to 2000, see REVISION1999.TXT.

Spelling corrections or other minor fixes are not documented; this is only a list of substantive revisions.

The revisions are grouped according to the editions of the book that were uploaded to the WWW. Those who ordered a book directly from me got the latest and greatest version up to that time and hence may have a date in the middle of one of these groups.

*** February 12, 2009 to February 16, 2009 ***

  • Previously the book had been a Microsoft Word DOC file.  With the purchase of a new computer the author began using OpenOffice instead, so the master document is an ODT file now.
  • As OpenOffice has a handy "export to PDF" function, the book is primarily offered for download in PDF format now.
  • The Word file had been zipped to minimize file size and transfer time.  The new PDF file is uncompressed since nobody seems to care about hard drive space or bandwidth any more.
  • Added reports on fitting early quad headlight scheme to facelift cars.
  • Added report about 6.0 oil filters fitting better than 5.3 oil filters.
  • Added start VIN for diff pickup for speedo.
  • Added a link for downloading PDF versions of the Electrical Guides.
  • Added a listing of technical guides on CD.
  • Added a note about side mirror disassembly.
  • Added names and model numbers of a few 0.6 ohm ignition coils.
  • Added idea for using a battery charger to power a timing light.
  • Added notes on distributor rotors for D Jetronic cars.
  • Added tips on removal of front lower wishbone fulcrum shafts.
  • Added tip on maintaining the gas caps on saloons.
  • Checked the hyperlinks throughout the document for dead links.
  • Added report on non-OEM idler pulley for belt-driven fan.
  • Added Fasterjags to the source list, noted as source of Tefba coolant filters.
  • Added tips on radiator hoses for use with Tefba filters.
  • Deleted reference to an obscure battery.

*** February 17, 2009 to April 26, 2009 ***
  • Deleted listing for Jaguar Motor Works.
  • Updated reference to Daimler-Benz.
  • Divided discussion on ABS brakes into Teves Mk III and Teves Mk IV.
  • Deleted some questionable advice on brake fluid for ABS systems.
  • Deleted suggestion to clamp a brake hose.
  • Noted locations of ECU's for ABS systems.
  • Added P/N's of ABS ECU's, just because I had them.
  • Added note about JHM 1123 CD-ROM.
  • Added stuff on the ABS combination switch and substitutions.
  • Added test procedure for ABS accumulator.
  • Added ABS pump failure report.
  • Added notes on ABS fault codes.
  • Mentioned the ABS system similarity to the Buick Reatta and the resulting resources available.
  • Added tip on cleaning screen in ABS pump assembly.
  • Added warning about ABS brakes under "Buying a Used XJ-S"
  • Added tip for checking ABS relay.
  • Added tip for replacing ABS high pressure hose.
  • Changed the intro date for ABS in the XJ-S.
  • Added tips on the steenkin' diode in the line to the ABS pump.
  • Deleted shameless plug for donations.
  • Added note about fluid level in ABS reservoir.
  • Added blurb on hockey stick seals.
  • Added tips on replacing the final drive input shaft seal.
  • Added my fuel pump stator anti-rotation fix, which was previously only online.
  • Reworked part of the facelift in-tank fuel pump discussion.
  • Added some stuff on finding Pozidriv screwdriver bits.
  • Revised the discussion of the fitting on the LH thermostat housing coming loose.

*** April 27, 2009 to April 28, 2009 ***
  • Fixed a glitch that caused Figure 3 and a page of text to disappear.
  • Edited Figure 3 to eliminate a groove.
  • Revised the section on sealing the cam covers for clarity.

*** April 29, 2009 to May 21, 2009 ***
  • Removed all references to Corsaro Electronics.
  • Added warning to avoid Goodyear blue line EFI hose.
  • Added a tip for removing the old EFI hoses.
  • Simplified the guidelines on replacing injector hoses.
  • Revised discussion of the D-Jetronic trigger board.
  • Clarified testing of the vacuum advance module.
  • Fixed several graphics that weren't converting to PDF properly.


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