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Jag-lovers - XJ40 Inspection Checklist

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  XJ40  Inspection Check List

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This is a file for you to print out and bring with you if you go to look at a used XJ40,  hope it helps !
PS, this kinda is XJ40-Specific, so I'm not gonna ask for obvious stuff, like "does it have arking dings, etc.."


Checklist for Examining any Used XJ40.

Front of Vehicle:

Check for rust below bottom of Radiator_______ Front Rocker panels______ Front lip of hood ________

Check Lights, Grille, Bumers for damage__________Check that VIN Tags are on hood and front fenders.________

If 3.6L Check for head gasket oil leak by distributor__________

Check hoses and belts for condition________

Pull a spark plug wire out and check for the tip being covered in oil_________

Check to see if self-levelling susension has been converted to normal (Look for a plugged fitting at the rear of the "Girling" valve body on the right side of the engine compartment________

Check the fan clutch______ Start the engine, check for leaks, smoke or hissing sounds indicating vacuum leaks__________

Check the front wheel bearings for play_________ Check the steering for moans________ Check the front subframe for rust________

Check the front shocks____________ Squeeze the boots of the power steering rack for leaks (filled with fluid)______

Look under the car for obvious leaks_____________

Check the levels of all fluids, checking the AT fluid for a burnt smell________

Center of the car:

Check for rust on the rocker panels (sills)________ Check the doors___________

Does headliner sag?______ Is wood dark and uncracked?_______How is the leather?_______Carpets in nice shape?_________

Check for operation:  Power: Windows____________Locks______________Seats____________Sunroof__________Mirrors______

Do interior lights work?_________ Check condition of dash____________

What about the A/C?  Does it blow out of  the center vents? _________________________

Work as it ought to otherwise??_____________________

Rear of the car :

Check tail-lights for cracks________ Check trunk and fuel flap for proper operation______

Check release for trunk in glovebox_________ Check for leaks in trunk_____ Jack and tools there?_____  Spare  OK ? __________

Does rear end sag?_________


Did it start easily?________ Does it idle smoothly?____________

Do all of the warning lights go out?________ What about Bulb Failure, ABS and Brake pressure?__________

Does it take off smoothly?_______Any whine from the rear end?_________

What about the shocks? Does it feel like it needs rear shocks?_________ Does it vibrate or pull?_______

When you let off the gas at medium (30-50mph) speeds, does it vibrate?__________

Get the car to 33mph or so. Kick the throttle to the floor. Even a 3.6L Low-Compression should go into kickdown and accelerate quite strongly up to 50-55mph or so. Does this car?__________

Hit the brakes kinda hard, does it pull?_________Does it vibrate?_________ Does it make horrid noises?___________

How does it seem to track?________ How does it ride?___________ Is it quiet?__________Any whining noises?__________


205-70VR15 (87-92) ________ (215-65VR15 permissible)

225-65ZR15 P4000E (93)_______

225-60ZR16 (94+)_______

255-45ZR17 (95+ XJR)_____

Correct size and speed rating?__________ Hope they're not from Pep Boys!!


Overall condition of car______________________________________________________


Passport to Service complete?____

If not, does it have service records?__________ Where?________________

Why is owner selling?___________

Now, if you like the car, and it checks out so far, now you're ready to take it to a JAGUAR MECHANIC, that is FAMILIAR WITH XJ40s !


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